Better Life Organics

A Distributor of Fine Organic Produce and Food Products

Our Mission

At Better Life Organics, we are committed to consistently providing you, our valued customer, with premium quality, a full selection of organic foods, the best price, and the best possible customer support from field to shelf.

We pledge to deal fairly and responsibly with every client, at every stage of the supply chain, and no matter how large our operation may grow.

We pledge to support the organic food movement and the people who create it. We believe that organic is best for the grower, the consumer, and for the planet as a whole.

We pledge to maintain fair and advantageous relations with all of our growers, both domestic and international, and to work toward a marketplace that welcomes competition. This enables us to give you the best quality at the best possible price.                 

Our standards

Every single one of our organic food items is premium-quality and Certified Organic

Before the introduction of the USDA National Organic Program in 2002, it was hard to be sure foods labeled "organic" really were genuine. Better Life Organics is proud to say that our business and all of our growers are Certified Organic under the NOP.